Frequently Asked Questions



Do I have to be connected to the rural water district, or can I continue to use my water well?

Presently, the rural water district is not forcing homeowners to be connected to the system. Legally however, they have the right to force anyone within 300 feet of the system to be connected. See the letter in the Documents section of the website for clarification on this issue.

What is done with dues that are paid by each homeowner?

Dues are necessary for a number of items that are to the benefit of all Fountainbleau Estates homeowners such as maintenance, landscaping, and utility bills for the gate. Dues are also necessary to pay a number of administrative costs such as filing corporate tax returns and other amounts due to the parish, city and state. Additionally, there are certain legal expenses and insurances expenses paid by the HOA. Any additional monies available from year to year are used for projects deemed important by the HOA board.

Are there any requirements before I build on a lot in Fountainbleau Estates?

Yes. Each potential builder must submit their blueprints to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) before any building takes place on the site. The ACC will then issue a response in writing, either accepting or rejecting the blueprints. The ACC is also responsible for approving any additions to existing buildings on any lot in the sub-division, including additional garage space and other out-buildings.

Who do I contact to obtain a remote for the entry gate?

Please use the contact us page for issuance of a remote for the gate.

Are there any lots for sale in Fountainbleau Estates?

Every lot in Fountainbleau Estates has been purchased from the developer. There are numerous lots, however, upon which no home has been built. A potential buyer would have to investigate whether the current owner has the lot for resale.

Is Fountainbleau in a flood zone?

According to FEMA Floodmap number 22017C0580G, no part of Fountainbleau Estates is in a flood zone. Most lenders do a flood search prior to loaning any funds to build on a lot. If the lot appears to be in a flood zone, the lender will require flood insurance. To be certain of whether your lot is in a flood zone, contact FEMA on their website.

I would like to pay our Homeowner fee early, what is the address to mail the check? Also, what is the amount?

The Fountainbleau Estates HOA dues are $200 per lot per year. The dues are payable by check or money order to Post Office Box 8142, Shreveport, LA 71148-8142 and are due by December 31 each year.

Can I get a list of board members and residents with phone numbers?

You may get information about the HOA directors on the HOA website. The HOA does not give out information about members. A future web expansion may include a forum for those who voluntarily submit this information.

Yard Maintenance

I just purchased a lot and plan to get a few trees cut. Do you allow yard trash to be burned?

If you clear a lot, trees can be buried and burned in the hole. Once your lot is cleared, trees must be hauled off, in one form or another, because the covenants do not promote burning of whole trees, creating a smoke-fog over everyone downwind. From time to time, residents have burned trees when there is almost no wind, creating a health hazard. No one can walk outdoors or do any number of outdoor activities when there is a smoke haze. I feel that under certain circumstances, most neighbors will not mind a small amount of leaf burning, particularly if there is enough wind to carry the smoke away, it is done in a safe manner (water hose present during the burning process) and the leaves are burned during daylight hours during the week when a minimum number of residents are home. Also, it is important not to burn if your immediate neighbor is downwind of the burn pile. Going strictly by the covenants, burning is not allowed in the subdivision. I would therefore say that while it is against the covenants, under certain very limited circumstances, it would be tolerated, if done properly.